The Art of He Qi

May 4 - August 14, 2015

Dr. He Qi

Artist Reception: Wednesday, May 20, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Program begins 7:00 pm.


Music by Sixia Chen, Chinese Flutist


Vibrant. Energetic. Breathtaking. Biblical. Humorous. Whole-world art.

He Qi hopes to help change the “foreign image” of Christianity in China by using artistic language, and at the same time, to supplement Chinese Art the way Buddhist art did in ancient times. His brilliant, colorful and highly contemporary paintings emerge unmistakably from ongoing Chinese contexts. He Qi blends Chinese folk customs and traditional Chinese painting with the western art of the Middle and Modern Ages, but adds his own spin, techniques and style.  He Qi may one day be seen as the Michaelangelo of the next 1000 years of Christian art.

He Qi’s art is a fusion of many traditions. In his works, one can find traces of medieval and Renaissance art, as well as the traditional Chinese crafts of paper cutting and weaving and hints of surrealism.

Biblical events, themes, and images permeate most of Dr. He Qi’s paintings.  His art brings a freshness of vision to old familiar stories and a reminder that God’s promises are both enduring and universal.

Exhibitions of Dr. He’s work have been presented around the world and we are graced by his return to Wisdom Ways before he moves from Roseville, MN to Claremont, CA where he will serve as a visiting scholar and artist-in-residence at Claremont School of Theology.

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*Sleeping Elijah


Dr. He Qi’s work has been called innovative, passionate, and controversial. There is little doubt that his brilliant colors and striking iconography have made him one of the most admired, sought after Christian artists of our time.

As a teenager during the Cultural Revolution in China, his first major work was a portrait of Chairman Mao. After studying in China and in Hamburg, Germany, he was the first Chinese person since the Cultural Revolution to receive a PhD in religious art. He was a professor at Nanjing Theological Seminary before coming to the US in 2004.