Sonja Ausen Anifrani, 34

LISTEN: Sonja talks about home.

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When you think of the word home, what comes to your mind? (Excerpt from catalog)

When I think of times I have not felt at home, when I’ve felt homeless, these really come down to times where I felt unloved or felt unseen, I felt unheard or unacknowledged.

What to do when you begin to pack up the items from your childhood home into different moving trucks because your mother told your father she didn’t want to live with him anymore?  Or, when the buyer of your old home values so little that space, the memory, that he rents a bulldozer in order to build something bigger and better and all those components that made up your home are instantly dissolved, lost, and flattened to the ground? That is a double home demolition—physical destruction combined with a cracked family foundation.  I am 34 years old; I have a spouse, a house, a job.  I am a full-fledged adult, but in this situation, I feel like my 5-year-old self.  I know that little person who I was—who is still inside of me—wonders at a way forward—how to re-create that essence of home from dust, brokenness?