Elizabeth Taft, 57

LISTEN: Elizabeth talks about home.

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When you think of the word home, what comes to your mind? (Excerpt from catalog)

The thing that comes to mind is the home that I grew up in, because that is the picture that I have—the quintessential home and it had family—I had a big family.  But that no longer exists and so, I’m finding home somewhere else and right now I have a temporary home, but it is home because what I can bring to it is my own self.

I heard something and it makes so much sense: home is where all of your details are accumulated.  In this home that I have now, I came with very little—just a little bit of the details that I had accumulated in the past.  And those details—they are pretty important.  But, just being where I am right now is home and it’s not going to be a permanent home, but nonetheless, it’s where I come to be comfortable and I am familiar with the people there.

My son is home.  It’s interesting.  I haven’t been with him for a while because of circumstances.  But wherever I am with him, I’m who I am supposed to be, which is his mother.  And so, that’s very much home.

And I feel home when I pray, of course, God is home, ultimately.