Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, 46, and Emily Jarrett Hughes, 39

LISTEN: Emily talks about home.
Elizabeth talks about home.

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When you think of the word home, what comes to your mind? (Excerpt from catalog)

Elizabeth: To me, home is the red chair. I can look out the window and see the lake and it’s next to the fireplace.  So the first thing in the morning, I’m always coming down and getting my tea and sitting in the red chair and either reading or writing and build a fire and that’s like my grounding time.

Emily: Home is where I have my deepest relationships—and for me that includes the earth. . . . We’ve raised caterpillars in our house for several years and have the monarch butterflies and creating pollinator habitat and places for the water to settle where it is.  And growing our food is really important for us, too.  It’s also part of that relationship and that, kind of, spending years growing a fruit tree until it bears its first fruit and then sharing it with people.

I am affected by the whole Minnehaha Creek watershed and I really care about my watershed home.  But having the specifics of our house helps me as a way to practice relating to the whole thing.

Home is also to-do lists! There is all this lovely comfort stuff, but it’s also peeling paint and the toilet that overflows too often . . . but another way of saying that is it’s a place where we have a lot of ownership and responsibility.  Some really beautiful things come through seeing home in that way.  It’s how we love the earth and it’s how we love each other and it’s how we care—caring for the house is not just caring for the building, it’s caring for the generations that are going to live in it after we do. So, it’s like, home is this container that is filled with stuff, but all of that has the ability to nurture us back.

Elizabeth:  Home is a spiritual practice.  We sometimes vie for hanging the laundry, because we both really love it!! And it’s not even that I’m praying for Emily and Gwen when I’m folding their socks, it’s more that, here is this really ordinary way that we are connected, that we are cared for, that we are nourishing each other, that we are nourished by our things, so that we’re able to go out and nourish the world.