Elea Ingman, 22

LISTEN: Elea talks about home.

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When you think of the word home, what comes to your mind? (Excerpt from catalog)

While I was raised Catholic, and I am still Catholic, despite a lot of questions I’ve had about the church as a whole, it’s a place actually where I feel at home, so that is a huge part of my identity.  And one of the things I love about the Catholic Church is that I can go anywhere in the world, and even if they are not speaking my language, I know when to stand and sit and what prayers are going on at what times. . . . Whenever I find myself in a new place one of the first things that I seek out is a church where I can be a part of the community and kind of integrate myself in that way.

If I only define home as being family then that means I can’t find home because I am an adult now and I am not planning on living with my family again and so what does that mean? So the word home creates a lot of confusion, but it also is a word that means to me comfort. . . . Homes don’t happen singularly.  I think they happen in communion and community, and so finding a place, finding people to align myself with, and to be in service with, is how I discover home.