Chhimi Wangchuk, 43

LISTEN: Chhimi talks about home.

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When you think of the word home, what comes to your mind? (Excerpt from catalog)

Some people have to re-invent home many times in their lives. Either spiritually or physically, you know, some people have to run away from war and famine and natural disaster and sometimes even prejudices and greed. . . . I think I migrated to America looking for better opportunities and even after coming to America, I have moved different places many times.  In this migration process, I think I have lost that sense of home because it is a new start all over in a new place.

Wherever I go, I keep a very strong faith in my belief.  I always take refuge in my spirituality.  You know, I am Buddhist by belief and, I was instilled from the very young age in case of a downfall in your life that the only place you can seek refuge is in your belief and that will keep you strong and keep going.  If you seek refuge in the belief, in yourself, most explicitly in your religious value, then I think you will always feel protected.  It’s not something that is tangible—that you can see or feel. Having a strong belief in your spiritual being can protect you from really taking you to a wrong direction in your life. And I think when you feel protected, even if you are living in a very open field, you will still feel home, because you are protected.