Bernadette Newton, CSJ, 83

LISTEN: Bernadette talks about home.

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When you think of the word home, what comes to your mind? (Excerpt from catalog)

I spend a lot of time out of my apartment with other people and interacting with people and when I come back to that apartment and close that door, that space becomes my sanctuary, my place of refuge, my place where I re-energize and get ready to go back out.  So it’s a very sacred place where I feel very connected to God and I spend time with people who have passed and I feel very connected and very close to them and when I go into that space, I know that they are there.  When I go out to be present with other people, my focus is on the people I am with.  But when I come back, it’s like it’s me and God and my cat together. 

I studied the chakras a lot and home is my fourth chakra.  It’s called the love chakra and when I go in to that fourth chakra, all the people who have gone before me are there.  And it’s a mingling of all the people in this life and the people in another life that I’ve been associated with and I go there for guidance and I go there for comfort and I go there for direction. And that’s all within that fourth chakra, so wherever I am, that is home.