Breathing Into the Whole of Life: Meditations on Body and Earth

Thursdays, February 25, March 24, April 21, & May 26, 2016

10:00 - 11:30 am


"The Christian is one who is connected through the heart to the whole of life, attuned to the deeper intelligence of nature, and called forth irresistibly by the Spirit to express creatively his or her gifts in the evolution of self and the world."

Ilia Delio, from the Unbearable Wholeness of Being

Being outdoors somewhere beautiful fills the soul. It can be difficult to carry that sustenance through our daily, mostly indoors lives. These earth meditations will deepen our communion with the natural world, so we can more readily fill up on nature even inside.

Attuning to the deep time within nature can open your heart to connection with the whole of life. Your profound connection with the earth and your body, and through them the Divine, unlocks the essential wellspring of love energy that creates healing and justice.

Each month we will use our bodies and the simple acts of breathing, drinking, eating, and lighting a candle as gateways to connecting with and praying through air, water, earth and fire. Come learn an approach to fostering a deep sense of connectedness to yourself, to others, and to the cosmos as you sit to every meal, breathe at a stop light, or wash your hands.


It can be so hard to breathe deeply or catch our breath, especially in our busy lives. Yet each breath is an opportunity to experience the closeness of God. We will use meditation focused on the breath to connect with the air, with all who share the air, and with spirit. Come explore how you can pray through breath.


Water, the source of life, can guide us to discovering our inner reservoirs. Meditations based on the acts of drinking and washing will bring us into deeper connection with water, the watershed, and the water cycle. Come explore how you can pray through water.


Earth connects us when we might otherwise be floating or swirling in our thoughts. Grounding ourselves as part of the clay and ashes of the earth brings us into deep communion. Through meditations based on eating and growing food we will deepen our relationship with earth. Come explore how you can pray through earth.


The world needs your inner lamp to be burning brightly! Our individual sparks can be too easily extinguished if they are not connected to the light of the Divine. A candle flame will be our entry point into meditations on the sun, the Big Bang, and the light of love within all things. Come explore how you can pray through fire.

Emily Jarrett Hughes  is an artist-healer helping people live vital, meaningful lives through group classes and individual sessions based in the creative and meditative movement practices of qigong and dance.

When: Thursdays, February 25, March 24, April 21, & May 26, 10:00 - 11:30 am

Cost: $80.00 for all four sessions; $25.00 per session