Ann William Leach, CSJ

Ann William has been the force behind the Wisdom Ways library since the librarian position was created in 2006. 

She’s put the skills that she acquired as a high school librarian on the island of Wailuku, Maui, to good use here, organizing, updating and shelving all of the material that Wisdom Ways has available for borrowers. 

Ann William says of when she first started, "They just had a little book where everyone would write down their names if they took something out.  Well, that was hard to manage!” 

She went through the books and the shelves, and switched everything over to index card sign-outs, a process that took a little over half a year to complete.  Now Ann William organizes and catalogues all the donations Wisdom Ways receives, and is quick to point out that they are not only books: CDs, DVDs, and audiocassettes are also welcome.

We invite you to stop by the Wisdom Ways Library often, as the selection of books is always changing and growing. 

Visit the first floor of the Carondelet Center and sink into a lovely couch with one of her recommendations: At the Drop of a Veil, Marianne Alireza’s memoir of her 12 years in Saudi Arabia; or Snapdragon: The Story of John Henry Newman; or an old favorite such as Raymond Brown’s  101 Questions and Answers on the Bible.